King’s Kitchen

King’s Community Kitchen provides low-income pet owners with food for their dogs and cats in times of financial difficulty. By giving out donated dog and cat food, we can save lives and keep animals in their own homes. In 2018 alone, with our community’s support, we provided over 35,000 pounds of pet food to needy homes.

You Can Help

GHHS relies on community support to donate bags of food to stock the pantry. We accept all brands, and even open bags. Please consider donating food to help those animals in need. You can also donate funds on our donation page by selecting “King’s Community Kitchen” in the fund category.


The fund is named after King, who was surrendered to GHHS extremely emaciated. His owners could not afford to feed him.  They didn’t want to give him up. King was surrendered,  returned to normal weight and now lives in his forever home.  We never want to see another animal go hungry.   Site – can help you for choice dog or puppy food.

How to Apply

King’s Community Kitchen offers participants 9 distributions in a 24 month period of time. To qualify for this program, you must provide photo ID, proof of need (a letter from Medicare, Food Stamps, WIC, etc.) and household income of below $35,000,  and WRITTEN proof of spay/neuter.

King’s Kitchen is open twice a month: the 2nd Wednesday from 2:00pm- 4:00pm and last Saturday of each month from 9:00am- 11:00am. Food pick-up (up to 30lbs) is allowed once a month. You can apply for the program on one of those open days. Please call 256-881-8081 ext 217 if you have any further questions.