We are grateful.

The names listed below are more than just donors. They are the community of people who believe in the lifesaving work carried about by the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

April 2020 Donations

Susan Ried
Krysten Blasingame
Cynthia Kapudjija
Alexis Tabor
Addison Klein
Amber Gardner
AbbVie Stephen Bump
Myra Richardson
Sherry Pierce
Kaylie Smith
Benjamin Moody
Virgilene Holmes
Chris Ramirez
Brittany Hopper
Carol Chall
Sharon Hudson

Rochelle Sexton
Anita & Tom Vajentic
Rachel Fairbanks
Donald Sealy
Emeline McCoy
Joshua Arthurs
Andrea Cox
Eric Klutts
Pacino Hufford Charitable Giving Program
Ruth Diana Groce
Harlan & Dawn Hurley
Corinne J. Fletcher
April C. Taylor
Bethann Scratchard
Gigi G. Johnston
Dawn Davis

Kipp Woodard
Robert & Rebekah Barrett
Mark E. Weir
Keith Hornbuckle
Jennifer Hejtmanek
Heidi Dillard
Mike & Shirley Bradley
Amy Reed
Patricia Bedenbaugh
James Pope
Charley Kuzy
Andrew J. Armstrong
Robert & Anne Knowles
Connie Gipson
Petco Foundation

May 2020 Donations

Dylan Gray
Julia Donovan
Danielle Sweany
Cindy Vanbeck
Kristina Gonzalez
G. M. Judge
Angie Mitchell
Bobbie Daniel
Jenna Rodabaugh
Devin DeMarco
James & Evelyn Clem
Patricia Piland
BBVA Campus Char – Corporate

Mary Anne Wolfe
Ryan Norris
Jesse Harrison
Susan E. Hall
John B. Traylor
Melissa Belt
William Coleman
Anne Marie Lacy
Chester W. Walker
Ilsa Bick
James O’Brien
Diane Lombard
Sally Taylor

Don A. Chiri
Shari Feth
Jennifer Demora
Stephan Onisick
Cathey Hall
Tristin Wall
GFWC du Midi Woman’s Club
Animal Rescue
Walnut Grove School
Melinda B. Musick
Ann & James Ledbetter

June 2020 Donations

Alexandra Emilien
Beth Markert
Andrew Skinner
Kimberley Steakley
Jana Maynard
Christina Kendrick
Jeffrey Slaten
Nina Campbell
Allie Rappuhn
Kimberly Shea Timberlake

Patricia Turner
Lyndsae Edwards
Dolores Everett
Jay Ratts
James Brazelton
Astrid Hughes
Julie Sinclair
Island Dog, LLC
Rhonda Parker
Irish Dreams, LLC

Gretchen Lienhop
Katie Mooty
William Brooks
Scott Certain
Huntsville Animal Service Foundation
Altar’d State
Linda McCarthy
Environmental Systems Corp of Huntsville 
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Acquire Commercial Real Estate 
Robert Reitzig

Honorariums and Memorials

Many donors choose to give in honor of a recently deceased loved one. We greatly appreciate these sponsors and strive to honor them every day. Thank you to everyone who donated – donors names are listed FIRST.

The list below is comprehensive for the months of April, May, & June.

David G. WeibleCat
Halley HallRanger
Ken LambertJaeger Gadomski
Margaret QuillivanMegan Quillivan
Nadiya SosonkinaMelissa & Jacob
Sharon GeorgeRyLeigh
Kaye & Maurice BelroseAnne Cannon
Buddy & June GuynesBob, a fine, sweet cat/companion of Beth Wise
Terrie RegensburgerCornelia Cannon
Brian NaughtonDon Strietzel
Cindy HensleyFreddy
Heidi & Chris BowersGayle Henley
John HarveyGayle Henley
Robert LoshuertosGayle Henley
Cheryl CrabbJean Noblitt
Gwen CobbJean Noblitt
Lanita VibbertJean Noblitt
Linda BrazeltonJean Noblitt
Mary EatonJean Noblitt
Thomas StackhouseJean Noblitt
Memorials (cont.)
Avery HarrisJohn W. Garrett
Anne GraffeoJune Crawford Devaney
Peter & Mary MaikerLucky Conrad
Elvin & Joan ReedMaggie
Cassy TurnerMurphy Augustus Keith
Hyun-Gyong ParkRobert Coleman
Jane J. HillSuki
Panda SmithTigger
Lilly SmithValierie Douglas
Carl & Sarah GesslerWill Rawson
Jo Lynn AndersonWill Rawson
Pride B. SherrillWill Rawson
Sandra VallelyWill Rawson
Yancey & Elizabeth MooreWill Rawson

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