GHHS is no-kill animal shelter in Huntsville, Alabama.


Provide a temporary home for an animal in need

Reasons to Foster

Your generosity will provide young and old, injured and sick, abused and under socialized dogs and cats a chance to grow or heal before finding their forever homes. Fostering is a wonderful experience for you and your family ‐ you can feel good knowing you have helped save an animal’s life. Even better, you’ve created space in the shelter to accommodate other homeless animals. Fostering increases an animal’s chance of adoption as they are being socialized and cared for in a home environment.

Fostering is NOT pre-adopting. All foster animals will return to the shelter to find their forever homes.

Animal Foster Candidate

Reasons that GHHS will place an animal in foster care include:

  • Young age or weight gain
  • Socialization
  • Wound healing or minor injuries
  • URI (upper respiratory infection)
  • Heartworm treatment
  • And other illnesses/injuries at GHHS’s discretion
How it works
  • The Foster Care Coordinator will email you when an animal is in need of foster care.
  • If that pet that is a good match for your household and lifestyle, simply respond to the email.
  • Foster assignments are usually for two-week periods, though the assignment may be extended if medically necessary.
  • Canine Heartworm Treatment assignments are three months or longer.
  • GHHS will provide all necessary supplies, medications and food needed for the foster term.
  • The Foster Care Manager and Director of Animal Care will be available to answer questions or assist with behavioral and medical issues.
  • At the end of the foster assignment, return the animal at a scheduled time, and we’ll find them a home!

Sign Up to Foster

Choose the type of animal below (cat or dog) that you would like to foster. You will be redirected to that type of animal’s foster application. Complete that online application and you’ll receive a notification when we find a good animal to place in your care temporarily!

Thank you for supporting these animals in need.