Pitch-In Pets

Sometimes GHHS receives or has animals with serious injuries or illnesses. The Pitch-In Program rehabilitates these loving animals as much as possible in preparation of a forever home. Many of these animals require a longer stay at GHHS to recuperate from their illness or injuries.

We treat a variety of ailments, including heart worm, animals hit by cars, severely malnourished animals, and animals that have to have time to adjust to accepting the love and compassion that we have to offer. Please consider donating to the Pitch-In Pet Fund to help save these animals’ lives.


Zima is a very sweet, 6 month old. She was pulled from another animal rescue organization where she had been adopted and returned after the owner took her to the vet where she was found to have a heart murmur. Zima is in need of a cardiac work-up in order to determine if her murmur stems from heart disease or is just a malformation. Her murmur is a grade 3/6.

The cost for just the basic consult is $250. That does not address any testing or care that she will require beyond the consult.

Please help us help Zima get the care that she needs.