& Initiatives

These initiatives are aimed at making a difference in our community in North Alabama.

GHHS is dedicated to furthering the humane care and treatment of animals and providing adoption services for the unwanted and homeless animals.

The Greater Huntsville Humane Society has been rescuing North Alabama’s homeless animals for 55 years. Our mission is dedicated to supporting the humane care and treatment of all animals and providing adoption services to homeless and unwanted animals.

It's all for the animals!

Our programs and initiatives transform the lives of our four legged friends and our community. All GHHS programs & initiatives drive our mission forward and create an avenue to find proper placement for pets in our community.

Pet Pal Memberships
Pledge your support, Become an Animal Advocate

Your Pet Pal Membership creates a general fund account that allows us to use your donation without restriction. This helps us to cover emergency animal care expenses for the animals who need it most.

Pitch-In Pet Partners
Help cover the cost of medical expenses

Thanks to our Pitch In Pets fund, animals with serious illnesses and injuries were rehabilitated and adopted into their FURever loving homes.

King’s Community Kitchen
Providing low-income pet owners with food for their pets in times of financial difficulty.

By giving out dog and cat food, we can save lives and keep animals in their own homes. GHHS also donates food to other rescues & shelters, local organizations and community partners, to reach as many pet owners as possible.

Foster an adoptable animal
Provide a temporary home for an animal in need

Your generosity will provide young and old, injured and sick, abused and under socialized dogs and cats a chance to grow or heal before finding their forever homes. Fostering is a wonderful experience for you and your family ‐ you can feel good knowing you have helped save an animal’s life.

Pet Wellness Clinics
Ensuring animals receive medical treatment

As part of our community advocacy efforts, GHHS offers recurring veterinary care at the shelter for reduced rates but maximum care.

Three Tails ReSale
Voted #1 Thrift Store in North Alabama!

The GHHS Thrift Store supports our mission of animal advocacy by reselling gently used goods and clothing. Donations are now accepted!