A Fundraiser to Support Pitch-In Pets

Thank you for donating to the 3rd Annual GHHS 100 Envelope Challenge

Between February 5th and February 29th, GHHS was raising money for Pitch-In-Pets and medical expenses for our furry friends in need. In total, we raised $9,690.35.

All money from this fundraiser goes directly to the GHHS Medical Expense fund - Pitch In Pets.

Thanks to our Pitch In Pets fund, animals with serious illnesses and injuries are rehabilitated and given an opportunity to be adopted into their FURever loving homes!

Pitch In Pets allows GHHS to care for animals that are heartworm positive, those that have endured serious physical injuries or trauma, are malnourished and animals that need additional time to adjust to accepting the love and compassion that we have to offer.

During 2023 GHHS spent over $123,000 caring for surrendered animals in our care.

Unfortunately, last year GHHS cared for more medical needs than we had in years! Heartworm positive dogs were a large concern, yet animals experiencing seizures, inverted eyelids, amputation, and the heartbreaking issues of animals from neglect and abuse cases living emaciated with sores, tumors, and internal health challenges were all a priority.

Total before final social media distribution: $9,690.35

Thank you for donating to the 3rd Annual GHHS 100 Envelope Challenge

Thank you to our amazing supporters!

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