Pets for Patriots

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GHHS is a proud partner of Pets for Patriots, a national service that pairs veterans and adoptable animals. Their goal is to make the benefits of shelter pet adoption a reality for military personnel, ensuring many years of friendship, companionship and joy with their honorably adopted dog or cat.

To register with Pets for Patriots, please visit their site.

Benefits of a Pets for Patriots Adoption:

  • 25% discount on adoptions. ($100 adoptions = $75; $50 adoptions = $37.50)
  • PFP adoptions will receive 10% vet care at Chase Animal Hospital.
  • Pets for Patriots will mail the adopter a generous gift card to a large pet retailer.

Who is an eligible adopter?

  • Any member of any branch of the U.S. military, at any stage of their career (active, reserve, veteran)
  • Must adopt pet for him/herself; cannot adopt onbehalf of, or for another person
  • Must present Pets for Patriots (PFP) membership confirmation letter; no exceptions
  • Individuals must first register with Pets for Patriots

What is an eligible pet?

An eligible pet must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • Adult dog or cat: two years of age or older
  • Large dogs: 40+ pounds, regardless of age
  • Special needs dog or cat: animal that is disabled or otherwise limited in its physical abilities due to injury, prior abuse or neglect, or birth defect – or that has a medical condition requiring ongoing vigilance, medication or special treatment; regardless of age.

Steps to Adoption:

  1. Registration: Adopter must first register with Pets for Patriots. The approval process can take 2-3 business days. GHHS cannot help or intervene with PFP registration & approval.
  2. Approval: Adopter receives confirmation email from Pets for Patriots. Please bring this to GHHS at the time of adoption.
  3. Adoption: Shelter staff assist the adopter in choosing a qualifying animal that matches the home as well as PFP qualifications. Patriots are still required to meet GHHS’ adoption criteria.


  • What if I want to adopt a non-eligible animal? We will be happy to perform a standard adoption, which will be given at the current rate.
  • Can GHHS pre-approve the adoption? No. Patriots are welcome to adopt at a civilian rate, but we must see the Pets for Patriots confirmation letter before adopting at the discount.
  • Can GHHS hold or reserve an animal during the PFP approval process? No. GHHS does not hold or reserve any animal. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • What proof of eligibility is required? Character of Service must be Honorable. Adopter must have completed at least 190 days of service. Individuals convicted of a felony, sexual offense, or animal mistreatment of any kind are ineligible. There are different qualifiers for the different branches of the military. To view yours, go to
  • I’m still confused/I have a different question. Please go to or call the shelter at 256-881-8081 for any other questions.