Volunteer FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions, answered below.

Please check out our Volunteer FAQ below.

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  1. Watch the Volunteer Information video
  2. Fill out the online Volunteer Application
  3. Watch the virtualVolunteer Orientation video
  4. Complete the Volunteer Orientation quiz
  5. Complete (phone, Zoom call, in-person) interview with the Volunteer Coordinator
  6. Start your first volunteering shift!

After attending orientation, you will have the opportunity to register for additional training based on the volunteer opportunities you are interested in. There is a $15 fee for orientation which covers the cost of your volunteer supplies (t-shirt, name tag, safety whistle and training).

Yes, we ask that volunteers commit to at least 5 hours per month during a 3 month period.
Volunteers are scheduled Monday through Saturday between 8am-5pm. We are closed on Sundays to Volunteers and the Public. Volunteers are also scheduled at off-site after hours events.
Volunteers are required to purchase a GHHS Volunteer T-shirt ($15). We understand that you may not always be able to wear your Volunteer Shirt to your volunteering shift. You will be sent home if you are not dressed appropriately. Acceptable:
  • Plain shirts without writing (remember that you are representing GHHS so no personal saying/beliefs)
  • High School/College shirts (represent your school with pride!)
  • Sport Teams (we kind of think it fosters a sense of community…and a healthy rivalry!)
  • Sleeveless Shirts (no racerbacks or spaghetti straps)
  • Shorts (must reach as close to your knees as possible)
  • Closed-toes shoes (preferably with a rubber sole) or mud/rain boots
  • Tattoos/Piercings/Colored Hair (the animals don’t care and neither do we!)
Not Acceptable:
  • Jewelry (we don’t want animals to snag your jewelry and break something you love and/or hurt yourself)
  • Open-toed shoes
Volunteer orientation will last approximately 2 hours. During that time you will receive an overview of the history, mission and services of the GHHS, as well as an in depth discussion of the volunteer process requirements and the various volunteer opportunities which are available to you. After orientation you will receive an email directing you to register for additional training sessions based on the volunteer positions you are interested in.
All volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Onboarding Process. Orientation and training will not only provide an understanding of our mission as well as a description of the numerous volunteer positions available, but it will also provide invaluable and necessary information on animal communication & behavior, animal handling methods and shelter protocols.
There is always something to do at GHHS! These opportunities will be discussed with you in-depth during your interview to find the best match for you. Click HERE to view detailed Volunteer Job Descriptions.
Yes, students are welcome to apply!
Yes! Please refer to our Group Volunteer Section for more information.
Yes! Please fill out the Community Service Volunteer Form for more information.

Children (6+) may participate in the Paws For Reading Program.

Youth (13+) may volunteer with their parent/guardian (must be present with child at all times) in most activities except for Dog Handling.

Youth (16+) may volunteer by themselves but must have a Parental Consent Form signed by their parent/guardian.

You must be at least 19 years old, complete at least 8 support hours and pass the Dog Handling Certification Class to become a Dog Handler.

Yes! Everyone must complete the Volunteer Onboarding Process, but can be scheduled during the same volunteer shift. Please do not bring any unauthorized visitors with you while you are volunteering.