Print 2 Impress Community Grant

We'd like to thank our friends at Print 2 Impress for their support of our February fundraiser - Unleashing Love in the Community. Not only have they supported GHHS, but they currently have an open grant cycle. Read the post for more info!

Print 2 Impress exists to simplify the process of ordering apparel online. This process can be overwhelming and confusing, because often, buyers don’t where to start or the project takes forever to get done.

To date, Print 2 Impress has helped over 4,000+ businesses take the stress out of the buying process – including GHHS!

We are extremely grateful for the support of Print 2 Impress during our February Fundraiser – Unleashing Love in the Community. They printed our t-shirts for our recent 100 envelope challenge (pictured above). All printing expenses were donated in-kind to Greater Huntsville Humane Society. That means they were FREE!

Are you interested in free event t-shirts? Consider applying for their new community grant!

More Info about P2Impress Community Grant

The Print Two Impress family is grateful for this community and its many acts of service that contribute to our quality of life. Non-profit, Education and Service organizations are important in meeting the needs of our community members. To honor those efforts, they have created the P2I Community Grants Program to support the organizations that make all our lives better.

  • P2I will award one grant for 100 event t-shirts 4 times yearly. The grant includes one-side/one-color screen print decoration. P2I will assist in the design if needed.
  • Shirts are awarded quarterly in March, June, September, and December.
  • Grant applications are accepted during the first 30 days of each quarterly month and are reviewed by a committee of P2I employees and clients.
  • Applications are evaluated on the following:
    • Strength of applicant organization’s past service or strength of a new organization’s ability to gain community support and involvement.
    • Strength of external assessment: All applications must provide a letter of support from an individual or organization outside the applicant organization detailing the impact of work being done or planned.
    • Strength of event focus: who is served and for what purpose.