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The Greater Huntsville Humane Society strives to create a positive workplace for all who are eager to lend a hand to those with tails in our care. Employees at GHHS believe in the use of rescue, training, adoption, education, and advocacy to ensure the humane treatment and welfare of all animals.

The Greater Huntsville Humane Society (GHHS) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. This means that all persons are eligible to be employed, promoted or discharged, without regard to their sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, age, ancestry, serious medical condition, gender identity, or national origin.

To apply, send your résumé to GHHS by email ([email protected]).
Job Details
Reports to
Job Classification
40 hours per week; Monday – Saturday, 8AM-5PM (Sundays off; remaining day off will flex)
Pay Range
$10 per hour

Position Summary: Responsible for providing administrative support to ensure efficient operations of the Greater Huntsville Humane Society front desk.

GHHS Responsibilities: 

• Provide customer service to all GHHS visitors and callers.

• Answer phones, taking/relaying “live” or voicemail recorded messages to appropriate staff.

• Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the lobby, front porch, and guest restroom.

• Responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the facility, coordinates with the Animal Care Lead, other Animal Care Technicians, and supervises volunteers on daily cleaning duties (sweeping, mopping, trash cans, restocking, etc.)

• Cares for and enriches dogs, cats, and any exotic animals in shelter care daily with
socialization and exercise.

• Directs and maintains safety standards by following proper guidelines to protect the staff, volunteers and the animals in our care

• Keeps Animal Care Lead updated on the temperament changes of pets in our care

• Interact with the public including tours of the facility, answering phones, and completing adoptions

• Adoption Counselor: completes adoption interview and paperwork with potential

• Oversee for maintenance of GHHS landscaping.

• Communicates regularly with the Volunteer Coordinator about the status and progress of the volunteers and related issues.

Three Tails ReSale Responsibilities: 

• Always strive to increase income from the store.

• Support management in daily store operations and ensure store procedures and protocol is followed by staff and volunteers.

• Model respectful interaction with staff, volunteers, customers and donors.

• Assist with unloading, sorting, and processing of donations.

• Responsible for scheduled donation pickups utilizing the store box truck.

Required Qualifications:

• Possess a passion for animal welfare and advocacy.

• High school or General Education Degree (GED) required, relevant degree preferred.

• Boast literacy in Microsoft Office, Google Drive and iPads.

• Ability to learn Shelterluv and Corona software. 

• Familiarity with communication platforms such as Zoom and Slack.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively and productively with GHHS staff, volunteers, stakeholders, and the Huntsville community.

• Must be comfortable and willing to interact with the public, fosters, adopters, volunteers, etc.

• Must possess a strong work ethic and positive attitude.

• Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, and not need to be micromanaged.

• Ability to effectively present information to co-workers and the general public.

• Requires considerable skill in the application of office methods and procedures.

• Ability to lift heavy objects while adhering to safety procedures

• Must have a clean driving record and current license

To apply, send your résumé to GHHS by email ([email protected]).
The Animal Care Technician will care for the animals, clean the kennels, and maintain a high level of cleanliness and animal welfare. Excellent animal and
The Store Associate position will assist in maintaining donation organization, pricing, and providing a welcoming shopping environment. This position is best suited for candidates that