A Morkie Story

A Real Story of Rescue.

Offering young readers and those young at heart, an educational tale of animal advocacy through a distinct account of animal hoarding in rural Alabama.

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During the 2021 summer season, the Greater Huntsville Humane Society (GHHS) worked with multiple agencies within the state to intake approximately 100 dogs from hoarding situations into safety.

One particular case allowed GHHS to rehome five Morkie (Yorkshire terrier and Maltese mix) pups to Huntsville community residents.

When the pup’s story was shared with Lauren Gowins, founder of the Bold Agency, a Huntsville based firm, there was an immediate decision to get involved. After dedicating several months to the project, the end result was a children’s book offering a real story of rescue to the community – A Morkie Story.

Gowins expressed, "This project was very close to heart. We are a creative agency full of animal lovers - it's not uncommon for you to come in and get greeted by one of our furry coworkers."

“We were eager to work with the Humane Society on this project not only in the hopes of developing a fundraising opportunity, but also as a way to seek out more creative ways for GHHS to grow awareness in the community. There were so many stories shared during our phone calls with their team which often left us in tears. What the Humane Society does for our community is incredible. This project means even more to our Graphic Designer who before diving into the illustration for this book, lost two of her dogs. For her, it was a homage to the piece of her family that she lost. We hope that this book is as charming as it is educational to the work the Humane Society does and the seriousness of hoarding situations in our region.”

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